Got a brand-new feast of words? Let’s see it supped by sundry guests.
Bestow a blurb that’s for the birds: expect no more than pests.


Gearing up to go live with your self-published masterpiece? Well, don’t follow in the footsteps of most rookie writers . . . unless, of course, you fancy an aimless schlep through the digital desert. 

This thing may feel like a pesky homework assignment that stands in the way of playtime, but please recall: an effective book blurbs is NOT an overview, outline, or summary. It’s sales copy—very important stuff. You won’t want to “wing it” with this one.  

Having created hundreds of powerful blurbs using SEO, the Specter Staff knows what sells. It’s never been easier to release art, and today’s market saturation should come as no surprise. Nonetheless, authors are constantly crushed, in failing to find their fanbase.

No wonder it isn’t working. Followers aren’t found in the first place. Leaders are. A blurb can’t afford to be boring, friends. It’s meant to grab a browser by the scruff of their neck and not let go. It’s meant to make that browser a buyer, nose buried deep in your prose.  

Don’t be invisible. That’s our thing. By way of a patch job or made-from-scratch job, we’ll help you for book blurbs stand out from the rest.

Book Blurb Edit — $30

If you already have a blurb that you feel is “almost there,” send it on over. One of our editors will be in contact to discuss the book’s search terms, target market, and plot (should questions remain). This full edit includes any changes necessary to make certain your blooper-free blurb comprises killer sales copy jam-packed with strategic terms that will maximize the volume’s visibility.

Remember, no one will like your book if they don’t love your book blurb first.

Book Blurb Creation — $60

Here’s some food for thought: given your product’s importance and our experience, it’s not a bad idea to let us take over the kitchen completely. We know you can cook up a good story, but persuasive marketing requires something closer to scientific precision. In other words: sure, you may make a mean stir-fry, but that won’t help out with French pastries.

Many blurb purveyors charge extravagant sums for a prerequisite assessment of the respective work, stating that complete context is necessary. We’ll tell you right now: it isn’t. The entire document will be less than three hundred words, and we’re certain that you can communicate the essence of your own book before we get started. Fill in the simple form we send you and, presto: instant goodness.*

*In reality, producing the most potent concoction possible will take a day or two. While you do you, we’ll be hard at work behind the scenes, methodically measuring, sampling spoonfuls, adding spice, and so on.

Copies of your novel, nonfiction title, picture book or poetry collection aren’t selling like hotcakes? Flopping like flavorless flapjacks instead? You may have forgotten your central enticement. So let us contribute the butter and syrup. Skimping isn’t our style.


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