Stand upon assorted shoulders. Know to do so isn’t wrong.
It’s how we see beyond the boulders. Numbers make words strong.

Stand upon assorted shoulders. Know to do so isn’t wrong. It’s how we see beyond the boulders. Numbers make words strong.

Lest you breeze right by in a huff, we’d like to pose a question. Should top athletes feel ashamed about improving under the tutelage of a seasoned mentor? How about actors, singers, and painters? What of tradesmen, business moguls, diplomats, and presidents? The answer, of course, is of course not—never. Everyone stands (or, hunching, sits) to profit from objective advice. It’s often just what we need.  

Excuse another inquiry. What one trait or ability makes a great writer? Could it be imagination? Trenchancy? Linguistic know-how? Patience? Balance? Confidence? You see what we’re getting at here.

There are too many necessities to name, but, even so, we would posit that great writers share something in common—not just amongst themselves, but all greats: an impulse to improve.  

If you want someone to psyche you up with military mantras, you’ll have to look elsewhere. “Words are written by me.” “Less passive!” “I’m a writer.” “Louder! Harder!” “I’m a writer!” “PUSH IT!” Nah. 

We’re blotters ’round here—not motivational speakers—and the best way for us to communicate is by means of the written word. Have a keen concept but don’t know how to flesh it out? Can’t put your (pecking) finger on what’s gone wrong prose-wise? Need help putting together a general plan of action? Faced with dreaded “blockage”? Stuck? We’d like nothing more than to free you.

Many coaching sessions are carried out over the phone, and this system is admittedly easier, but who ever said that writing was supposed to be easy? And—come on—why wouldn’t we engage in the very realm you hope to master? Send us a ten-page sample of composition, spell out your plight (literally), and we’ll suggest an exchange package, free of charge. After payment, each subsequent email/Microsoft Word doc. correspondence [three hundred words minimum from our end] will include up to five additional pages of reading. You can space out your communication however you’d like—throughout the course of an ongoing project, for example—and you’ll always remain with the same Specter Staff member.

Why? ’Cause we’re all about bonds—not bondage. Fortify your forte at the pace that’s right for you.

Hiccups [5 Messages] — $150

Headaches [10 Messages] — $250 (16% SAVINGS)

Heartaches [25 Messages] — $550 (26% SAVINGS)

Havoc [50 Messages] — $1,000 (33% SAVINGS)

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