Feeling weary near the end? The dreary query got you down?
No need to stress or hundreds spend. We’ll garner your renown.

Feeling weary near the end? The dreary query got you down? No need to stress or hundreds spend. We’ll garner your renown.

Dream of brick and mortar? Know this: getting to print demands some serious patience and the perfect game plan. In today’s market, (debut) publication is nearly impossible without a literary agent, and scoring one of those is much harder than most people imagine. Not long ago, writers were required to snail-mail physical manuscripts—an arduous, costly affair. Now, it’s infinitely easier to send out one’s stuff, and agents needn’t wade through unsolicited submissions, but, sadly, email’s convenience has bloated the proverbial “slush pile” to record proportions. An average agent will receive hundreds of query letters a week, and of the thousands that come in each year, they’ll only run with a liberal ten . . . but don’t beweep just yet. The good news? Queries are generally bad.

While you have the sense not to spam the whole of New York about your “fiction novel,” success entails more than not combusting. Agents say that they carefully review each and every submission, but don’t believe that busy lot. The second you lose their attention, you’re done. So make your query count. 

Query Letter Edit — $40

Shopping a book around can be daunting, but the fundamentals are surprisingly simple. At this stage, you’re not a wordsmith, poet, or humorist. You’re but a salesperson. Nothing more. No matter how wondrous your wares may be, the door will not be opened for a mumbling peddler dressed in rags, so ring no bell as such.

Done right, the query letter constitutes your sharp suit, winning smile, and mesmeric one-liner. You won’t strike a deal on the stoop, so, first things first, we’ve gotta get you inside. Got a good suit already but feel that it could use some dry cleaning? We’re on it. Send us the letter, new or old, and one of our specters will soon appear. We want your dreams to materialize.   

Query Letter Creation — $60

Here’s a life-or-death task: condense your whole story into three or four sentences, deliver a hook fit for Jaws, and cite some scant “credentials” that make you look like a humble superhero—all in level business terms devoid of desperation.

Canned replies are never fun, and cricket song is even worse . . . so get yourself the best, bar none. Our crew will lift the curse.

Writers can be an ornery bunch, but this letter is loathed for good reason. Luckily for you, the Specter Staff would love nothing more than to swoop in with salvation. Having done this for decades, we know how to dazzle. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get snubbed. Just let us float around in back and push your best foot forward.

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